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A Flourishing Community

CastleRock is a community situated on the west side of Lake Windermere – the Columbia Valley’s shimmering centerpiece – 5 minutes from downtown Invermere, BC. Surrounded by the resort towns of Panorama, Radium and Fairmont Hot Springs, the superb location of the CastleRock lands nurtures a peaceful setting with exceptional views of Lake Windermere and the Rocky and Purcell Mountains. Homes, villas, lots, and acreages are now selling!

The lands previously owned by CastleRock Estates Ltd were acquired in 2014 by Grizzly Ridge Properties Ltd. The new joint venture team has been working to create a new and vibrant future for CastleRock. It’s an exciting time in the community as the development forges ahead with renewed energy.

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CastleRock Team

Raised in the Columbia Valley

CastleRock is owned by a small group of individuals, many with long term ties to the Columbia Valley. The board members and shareholders have three things in common: a long track record of business success, professional and personal integrity and a love for the Canadian outdoors.

The team at CastleRock is committed to the highest standards of environmental and social sustainability. Respect for the environment is a cornerstone value at CastleRock and Grizzly Ridge.

All improvements are designed to preserve the natural beauty and to maintain as much of the native vegetation and landscape as possible. All properties will be buffered by greenspace. We are also planning an extensive network of interconnected parks and pathways to anchor the development in the natural environment and to serve as a recreational treasure for CastleRock property owners and the community.

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Grizzly Ridge

Meet the Developers

The community of CastleRock is a part of Grizzly Ridge Properties. Grizzly Ridge Properties encompasses everything that is majestic about Western Canada; from wildlife to pristine rivers, shimmering emerald lakes, towering 80-foot waterfalls, plunging 500 foot escarpments, private lakes, and 360 degree mountain views. The chance to experience natural diversity of this calibre occurs in very few places, and rarely within such close proximity to all major amenities.


  • 5,670 feet (1,728 meters) of water front escarpment on Lake Windermere
  • 22,640 feet (6,900 meters) of Toby Creek Escarpment
  • 1,937 acres outside the Agricultural Land Reserve
  • Several pristine mountain lakes found on the property
  • Three waterfalls, one over 25 m (80 feet) in height
  • Four creeks running through the property which feed Lake Windermere and the Columbia Valley wetlands

About Grizzly Ridge

Situated in the heart of the highly rated natural spaces of Western Canada, Grizzly Ridge is a once in a lifetime, strategic real estate investment opportunity. Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Ranges, the property boasts national park quality views. With its clean air, spectacular views, crystal lakes and an abundance of wildlife and recreation activities, Grizzly Ridge is the retirement and vacation home destination of choice for many affluent Canadians. Grizzly Ridge is a four season resort destination with year round access to some of the most diverse recreational facilities of the country. Get started on your lifelong vacation in the most prestigious address of the Columbia Valley.

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