Life on the Lake

The heart of the valley

Life in Invermere on the Lake is different. They say Invermere sits at the heart of the Columbia Valley. You begin to understand what this means as you drive through the town and see families enjoying a meal at their favorite restaurant, business owners helping customers carry goods to their vehicle, and neighbors picking vegetables from the community garden. In Invermere, you can feel the heartbeat.

Young couple enjoying food and beverages in Invermere

Where to Eat

As you open the door to your favorite restaurant, you smell the delicious scents wafting through the air, the owner greets you as you take your seat, and you open the menu only to realize you already know what you want. Invermere on the Lake showcases local eateries where the meals are great and the company is even better.

Places to Try

  • Birchwood Restaurant
  • Black Forest Steak Haus
  • Huckleberry’s Family Restaurant
  • Peppi’s Italian Fuel
  • Spice Hut Indian Cuisine
Young man helping lady at local market in Invermere

Places to Shop

Our community supports businesses that believe in more than a bottom line. The Invermere community aspires to help the local businesses grow and reach their full potential. Together, our community builds a lifestyle where we believe in each other and value our friends and neighbours. The CastleRock community is one big family.

Shops to Try

  • Three Bears Gift Shop
  • Columbia Valley Trading Co.
  • Main Street Fun and Games
  • River Gems Gallery
  • The Trading Post Specialty Foods
Volunteers giving a helping hand at an event in Invermere

Get Involved

The heartbeat so many people feel begins with the incredible members of the Invermere on the Lake community. Here you can see neighbors gathered outside of the community center, couples speaking with local artists, and friends enjoying fresh produce from the local farmers market. This is a place where community matters.

Places to Try

  • Columbia Valley Community Centre
  • Groundswell Network Society
  • Columbia Valley Foundation
  • Invermere Farmers & Artists Market
  • Pynelogs Cultural Centre

Retired man swinging a golf club at a golf course near Invermere

Golf in Invermere

Ten courses within a 20 minute drive

You won’t have to yell fore much longer. With 10 golf courses within a 20 minute drive of your door, start your days swinging clubs with your friends and follow it up with drinks and lunch at the golf course. Immerse yourself in breathtaking views, surrounded by serene nature as you tee off in one of the most sought after golf destinations in Canada.

Winter Activities

The wonderland you’ve always dreamed of

Think back to your memories skiing on the mountains, the moment when you were finally confident enough to let go. Remember the cold rush of air against your cheeks and how you felt weightless as you glided over the snow. Invermere on the Lake, puts you in the centre of the action, where the weekend getaways you remember as a child become daily activities for you and your family.

Downhill skiier taking a break in the sun on the mountain

Skiing & Snowboarding

It is many people’s dream to ski or snowboard in the Rocky Mountains. When you choose Invermere on the Lake, this dream becomes a reality. Six ski resorts are within a two hour drive with two of them less than 30 minutes away. Get the skis and boards packed, put your warm jackets on and hit the slopes.

Popular Ski Hills

  • Panorama Mountain Resort
  • Fairmont Resort Ski Area
  • Kimberley Alpine Resort
  • Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Lake Louise Ski Resort
Man and woman skating on frozen Lake Windermere

Frozen Lake Windermere

Whether you’re lacing the skates, strapping on the skis, or throwing the curling rocks, the adventure continues as Lake Windermere freezes. At 30 km the Lake Windermere Whiteway is the longest skating path in the world, connecting the town of Invermere to its neighbor Windermere.

Popular Lake Activities

  • Lake Windermerre Whiteway
  • Pond Hockey Championship
  • Bonspiel on the Lake
  • Nordic Skiing
  • Snowshoeing
Snowmobiler riding up a mountian in the Columbia Valley

Other Winter Activities

If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure there is so much to choose from. Take a ride on a helicopter to hit untouched ski terrain, rev the engine on your snowmobile, or even fly above on a hang glider. Get your blood flowing with whatever adrenaline rush you desire.

Popular Activities

  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Toby Creek Adventures
  • RK Heliski
  • Hot Springs
  • Ice Fishing

Woman hiking near Castle Rock Invermere

Camping & Hiking

The mountain tops await

Imagine waking up at your campsite watching the first rays of sun hit the rugged, craggy peaks of the Canadian Rockies while you sip that blissful cup of coffee. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Top it off by hiking up the most spectacular trails the Kootenays region has to offer and soaking in incredible views of Purcell Mountain ranges. Being on the warm side of the Rockies, Invermere has its own charms and living here means having access to several hiking trails right from your backyard.


  • Jumbo Pass Trail
  • Old Coach Trail
  • Old Toby Trail
  • Taynton Trail
  • Valley Loop Trail
  • Pedley Pass Trail


  • James Chabot Prov. Park
  • Redstreak Campgrounds
  • Mountain Shadows RV Park
  • Dry Gulch Prov. Park
  • Big Fish Lake
  • Findlay Creek

Outdoor Activities

A playground for the outdoorsy

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Located on the edge of the Canadian Rockies, the community of Invermere is nothing short of a dream come true for the adventure enthusiasts. Live in Invermere and pedal through the valley or down the mountain trails, put your dirt bikes to use or get muddy on an ATV or just rejuvenate over a fishing session with your friends. The list is never ending. Explore the best of the Kootenay Rockies in Invermere.

Man cycling through a sunny field in Invermere


Invermere has easy access to many biking trails and bike parks. Be it cruising down the roads and parks or satisfying the adrenaline junkie in you by going downhill and hitting those perfect berms, Invermere has the solution for everything. The Columbia Valley Cycling Society does a tremendous job of managing the network of biking trails in Invermere.

Popular Cycling Trails

  • Westside Legacy Trail
  • Panorama Bike Park
  • Lillian Lake Mountain Bike Trail
  • Kloosifer Trail
  • Mount Swansea Trails
  • The Johnson Trail
Two people riding ATV's through trees near Invermere and Castle Rock


Offroad trail riding is an all-Canadian adventure loved by many. Invermere has access to several off road trails that cater to people of all skill levels. Nothing’s better than pushing an all terrain vehicle (ATV) to its maximum potential up the mountain slopes while you soak in the tranquil views of the Canadian Rockies and the Purcell Mountain ranges.

Popular Trails

  • Toby Creek Adventure Tours
  • Paradise Silver Mine Trail
  • Swansea Mountain Road
  • Westside Road
  • The Hoodoo Trail
  • Crown Land Trail
A man on a boat fishing on a lake near Invermere


Cast out the line and let it work its magic. Sit back, take in the scenery and catch up with your friends. The region is home to several species of fish including bull, cutthroat and rainbow trout, kokanee and whitefish making it a desirable destination for fishing enthusiasts. Invermere boasts a wide variety of wildlife making it a top choice for hunters, animal and bird watchers.

Popular Locations

  • Lake Windermere
  • Lower Kananaskis Lake
  • Kootenay Lake
  • Bow River
  • James Chabot Provincial Park
  • Columbia Lake

Man and woman gazing at mountains while at a hot springs near Invermere

Invermere Hot Springs

Relaxing. Peaceful. Therapeutic

It may be called Invermere on the Lake but it could just as easily be called Invermere at the hot springs! Feel the water warm the tips of your fingers and toes, gradually moving into your joints and slowly loosening them. You stretch your body and lay back… relaxed. Take in the beautiful scenery as the Rocky Mountains tower above. Finally a moment to rest your mind in peace.

Located in Kootenay National Park, the naturally warm waters of Radium Hot Springs provide a relaxing getaway close to home. The hot spring is a perfect location for wildlife enthusiasts to watch the bighorn sheep roam in the mountains above.
Canada’s largest natural mineral hot springs nestled in the Columbia Valley. Whether you’re visiting for a family getaway or a personal trip to relax and rejuvenate, Fairmont Hot Springs is the perfect location. Dive, swim, or soak… the choice is yours.
The Lussier Hot Springs offer the most natural and authentic hot spring experience in the Columbia Valley. Located in the Whiteswan Provincial Park, the hot springs sit along Lussier River, providing you the opportunity to try out some hot-cold therapy.

Lake Windermere

The warmest lake in the Kootenays

Being one of the warmest and largest lakes in the Kootenay region, Lake Windermere is a major draw for people visiting Invermere. No matter the season, the lake is always an attraction for tourists. In the summer, it’s the perfect destination to go swimming, boating or fishing and in the winter, this stunning lake is home to the world’s longest whiteway, truly adding to Invermere’s image as a four season destination.

Father and son running through water on a beach


Relax, unwind and go for a swim in the warmest lake of the Kootenay Region. Nothing’s better than a tranquil dip in the lake on a hot summer day followed by fun conversations with family and friends on the beach. Lake Windermere is the perfect destination to make memories.

Popular Beaches

  • Kinsmen Beach
  • James Chabot Provincial Park
  • Windermere Public Beach
Luxury boat cruising though the water


Get your squad together and cruise along the crystal clear water of Lake Windermere. Soak in the sun and get that summer tan while relaxing on the boat. With the lake steps away from your Invermere home, the possibilities of having a good time are endless. Make your time in Invermere memorable.

Popular Boat Launches

  • Pete’s Marina
  • Bayshore Condos
  • Lower Baltac Road
Man kayaking on Lake Windermere during sunset


They say the best times to go kayak are for the sunsets and sunrises. Paddle across the gorgeous Lake Windermere and catch the first rays of the sun hit the lake. Or, finish your day watching the sun setting behind the towering Rocky Mountain and Purcell ranges. The choice is yours!

Popular Kayak Rentals

  • Columbia River Paddle
  • Windermere Canoe Kayak
  • FarOut Adventure Hub

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